We at GPS believe that a child needs nurturing similar to a tree. Each tree requires different care and delivers different service to society. GPS’s focus on student-centric development entails in-depth engagement with the student. Therefore, we facilitate exposure to multi-dimensional areas for our students. Child’s mind is open and clear therefore if they learn what they like they will serve the nation in the best way. This methodology also fulfill our vision of –

“Enter to Learn; Leave to Serve”

Through our training camps GPS focuses on the following facets of learning, keeping in view the Three Domains of Human Behavior viz. Cognitive Domain, Affective Domain and Psychomotor Domain:

• Language and communication
• Problem solving and Reasoning
• Motor Development
• Social Development
• Emotional Development
• Moral and Ethical values
• Mathematical and Scientific skills
• ICT knowledge and skills
• Personality Development
• Fostering the Hobbies
• Nurturing the Inherent Potential
• Creativity

GPS is perpetually striving hard and shall continue making strenuous endeavors to make every child a light of the world by inculcating and fostering the values of hard work, decent demeanors, self-discipline and spiritual, intellectual, social, emotional, moral and physical development.

Gagan Public School


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Gagan Public School


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Gagan Public School


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