The School campus bears ample testimony to the school’s commitment to good education. Besides the administrative block, it comprises of sufficient number of room including classrooms, 3 Science laboratories, a voluminous library with reading room, two staff Medical rooms, Music room, Sports room and spacious playground with facilities for outdoor games i.e. badminton, football, kho-kho, etc. to ensure highest standards of education and healthy development of pupils.


The classrooms are spacious and well furnished with all types of interactive smart boards, electrical and other teaching aids. The school has a 4500 square feet spacious Assembly Hall. Many educational and moral thoughts of great national and international leaders have been written on the school walls in order to invoke enthusiasm and patriotic feelings in the students.

Gagan Public School


Khair Bypass, Koil, Aligarh

Gagan Public School


Exhibition Road, Aligarh

Gagan Public School


Agra Road